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Knoxed Limited has zeal and expertise for technology and innovation to make your dreams a reality. We are an ISO-TUV certified company with experience in the market of over 10 years.

We have our office locations in the UK, Germany, India and China. We believe In and Support Diversity.

Our Teams comes from different geographical locations. Our product supplies to big name brands. Our products have been featured in a famous international magazine and have received excellent five star ratings.

We have over the years remained committed to providing our clients with quality, customized service and it is this business model that has allowed us to expand and grow.

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When i came in this company it has always helped me to develop my skills and complete tasks before the deadline. The company teaches us thinking out side the box. Everyone works so fast with a good outcome. As a designer i have learned a lot and still learning.

Darsh Dave

Graphic Designer

When i applied this company there are so many things to learn and get upgraded. Knoxed has a amazing culture and the teammates have very good impacts and they are the one's they help me a lot. When i joined Knoxed there were various technologies there is TMS where I can manage my work time also communication app like slack helped me alot.

Shivani Bhosale

PHP Developer

There are multiple reasons i applied in this company because through this i am getting a chance to interact globally. I have experienced a very good culture here. Knoxed gave me multiple chances like i am managing the warehouse sitting in India. The senior are very much helpful and here we dont call them Sir/ma'am here everyone is treated the same with equal level.

Snehit Bachal

Procurement Officer

I applied as a PHP developer and i was selected also the company working and bonding is very good and coming here i am learning so many things here and there is a perfect pipeline work going on.

Kayyum Shaikh

PHP Developer


OUR Services

IT Services and Solutions

We design, develop, implement, manage and optimize access to systems and information to answer your business processing, application and infrastructure needs.

Custom software development

Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions or organizations.

Customer support

customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product

Graphic Design

We create & nurture impactful brands with meaningful expression of its existence & philosophy. We help articulate brand perceptions and consumer experiences by tapping into people’s sensory inputs.

Video Communication

We capture your big idea in a cohesive, visual story that inspires your audience to take action. We work together to clarify your message and develop a content strategy that intentionally tells your story.

UI & UX Designing

We honor our design legacy by crafting interactive, engaging & appealing user experience.


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Information Technology

Provide technical assistance with computer hardware and software.


Orders supplies and equipment; maintains service contracts on office equipment.

Human Resourses

The HR will lead and direct the routine functions and enforcing company policies and practices.

Graphic Design

We create & nurture impactful brands with meaningful expression of its existence.


Driving the sales performance of the e-commerce platform.

Digital marketing

digital marketer is in charge of the digital channels and uses them to drive awareness and generate leads.


Discover profitable suppliers and initiate business and organization partnerships.

Customer support

A customer support's objective is to understand the customer's problem and find effective solution.


responsible for ensuring items are packed and labeled ready for loading and shipping.

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